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"Daniella hit a few nails on the head. Plus it was also just nice to have some of those things acknowledged by the universe. Sometimes I felt very alone with stuff like that, almost as if the world forgot about me or just didn't care. I definitely liked what Daniella did"

- Wallace West | Dubai, UAE

"Daniella is truly gifted. The energy she brings to sessions is so calming, grounded and connected. She works with ease, and makes you feel very comfortable during the process. In just a couple of short sessions, I have worked through and released trapped emotions that I didn't even know were there. The process is so fascinating, and I love the questions, reflections and conversations it leads to. It's been so beneficial for my healing journey, and I look forward to continuing to dive deeper with Daniella!"

- Bree Wasylenko | Toronto, Canada

"My first session with Daniella was “Emotion Code”. Going in, I had no idea what the session would entail, but Daniella assured me that it would help me release any unwanted, inhibiting emotions through a technique she referred to as muscle testing. I had never undergone any type of energy healing before, so I was not entirely convinced this would help me in any way. As the session progressed, however, I was amazed how intuitive Daniella was. She was able to help me identify trapped emotions with ease. This can be difficult, because the emotions in question are trapped for a reason, so surfacing them can be challenging. She also made me feel very relaxed and secure throughout the session, and there was no point where I felt uncomfortable answering her questions, as she did not pry in any way. It felt very natural and forthcoming. Since having my Emotion Code session with Daniella, I have felt a weight off my shoulders and a lot more clarity with regards to the suppressed emotions that I have accumulated over time. I’m looking forward to our next session, Divine Healing, where we can go beyond identifying and releasing trapped emotions and confront them head-on. Daniella is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to positively transform how they process their emotions"

- Kyle | Vancouver, Canada

"I have been gradually embarking on my spiritual path for the past 4 years, each year embracing a new journey that I feel drawn to, and I am so grateful to say the next step led me to Daniella. The way I felt when I was ready to begin my sessions with her was as if I was "emotionally full" becoming increasingly uncomfortable as though I needed to let something go but wasn't even sure where to start. My first session was the emotion code, she explained in depth what this was and let me know that what comes up is what I'm ready to release and she was absolutely right. As I let the session process within me, I later found myself ready for another. I decided to book my second session, this time in divine healing, just as my entire journey has led me to the next step, this was a big one for me. This session was the most eye-opening experience for me as it really helped me face myself and the things I was putting in my own way on every level in life. Daniella creates the most inviting and safest space as the sessions are very personal & she is attentive to the pace of the individual while being an amazing listener and guiding accordingly. I am so glad to be able to have someone like her in my life. I am looking forward to my next session and the flow of this path I am on."

- Anonymous | Toronto, Canada

"Through my own experiences having sessions with Daniella, I decided I wanted to align everything around me and booked a session of the emotion code for my dog. He suffered from severe anxiety and paranoia and would constantly bark at anything that passed by. We saved him from previous owners who were not the best and noticed a lot of trauma signs in his behaviours and slowly nurtured him back to the best of health. After the session, weeks later we noticed our dog's anxiety significantly went down, he wouldn't bark aimlessly and was much calmer to visitors, greeting them gently rather than aggressively. We are so grateful that the session clearly contributed to helping him."

- Shanelle | Toronto, Canada

"Daniella has a divinely guided way which simply led me to a peaceful corner of my true self. From there, it all felt like a cool breeze and a warm hug and I was led to clear what no longer served me. She is truly a gift to humanity"

- Lisa | New York City, USA

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